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Can your Custom Lake Maps be mounted outdoors?

Yes! Our Custom Lake Maps are designed for indoor or outdoors without any worry of damage or worries. While I have not witnessed it or been told it has happened, I can see the colors (with the colored back) fading or bleaching over time in direct sunlight.

How much do your maps weigh?

Our Maps weight differently based on size, but a larger standard map will weigh less than 14lbs. Our wall anchors are rated for 75lbs and there is usually 4-6 of them per map so it’s not going to fall off the wall in any way.

Is everything needed for the install included? Is it hard to install?

Yes, well minus a drill and screwdriver. Our maps come with ¾ stainless steel hardware, wall anchors and screws. We also included a detailed step by step installation guide. As for difficulty, I would say it’s a 3 out of 10. I do recommend and extra set of hands to help mark the holes on the wall.

What are your maps made from?

Our Custom Lake Maps are made from 3003 Sheet Aluminum. The Custom Lake Map is 1/8” thick while the backplates are a little thinner. Aluminum has been used in wall art for ages. It is a very durable metal that will not rust or decay over time. Here is a great Article if you want to read more about aluminum art in the 20th Century.

How does the customization process work?

During the check-out process, you select the customization option, and a small text box will appear. Simply fill in what you want done and purchase the map. If I feel like we have a good grasp on what you want, we will take the info provided and draw a proof in AutoCAD. We then send you the proof where you can request changes or simply approve it. There are times I may reach out before the first proof to get a better understanding of your vision for the Custom Lake Map. We have created an extensive gallery of previous works, therefore, I urge you to check out our Gallery of Custom Lake Maps for ideas and inspiration.

What is the turnaround time?

If we have the order by any Sunday afternoon, it typically ships the next Monday. If you are having a custom map made, and it approved by Wednesday AM then we can usually get it in the same week’s production run. Things do happen, machines break, UPS forgets to pick up, we might mess up and want to remake it, so I always say 2 weeks to be safe. If you are on a deadline feel free to reach out to me directly and I’ll see what we can make happen.

Ken Van Natta

(770) 312-1090

Do you offer wholesale for resellers or volume discounts on a bulk purchase?

Yes and Yes, just reach out to the number above.

Can we change the size of the map to better fit my space?

If we go any smaller than our standard sizes, we typically lose some detail. We have successfully shrunk a few down but it's really not as nice as standard version. We can go bigger and do quite a lot of "Oversized" Custom Lake Maps. If you have a certain size you would like us to try to fill, just let us know your specs and we will work to fill the space the best we can.